Frequently Asked Questions

A consultation is the first step to book an appointment. This can be made by phone if you already know which Tattooist will be tattooing you.

If not, coming into the tattoo studio with your ideas or references (on paper) we will easily know which tattooist is best suited to the style of design you are after.

A consultation is compulsory to determine the design of your custom tattoo. The Tattooist will also tell you during a consult how long your design would take and give a quote depending on size and detail. A consult is necessary also prior to booking so we can book the right amount of time for your tattoo.

To secure an appointment time we ask that a minimum $100 cash deposit is paid. This deposit will be deducted from the price, upon completion of your tattoo.

  • When sitting for a session of 5hrs or more a minimum $200 appointment deposit is required. (If you book several sessions this comes off the last session – when the tattoo is complete). Any of our tattooist who ask for a larger deposit to book with them will tell you this during the consultation.

Notice of 72hrs (3 working days) must be given to change your appointment. If this notice is not given, you will lose your deposit.

  • If your appointment falls on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, notice must be given by the Saturday (10am – 6pm) before your appointment, as we are closed Sundays and Mondays.

DEPOSITS WILL NOT BE REFUNDED, so be sure you would like to be tattooed when booking!!

Deposits not used eg. – An appointment not made within 2 years of paying deposit. Will result in appointment deposit becoming void and will not be refunded by Management.

A custom design is a tattoo drawn up specifically for you.

We provide the service of designing a custom tattoo to your specifications, rather than choosing a design someone else has. This involves a consultation, research and drawing time for your tattooist. This is always required prior to your appointment. The Tattooist will advise you of any drawing fees after consultation is complete.

  • This is not refundable, and is a separate charge to a deposit.

For 10-14 days (until you see your tattoo has healed), after being tattooed you must care for your tattoo to ensure optimum healing.

    1. Remove the dressing after one hour.
    2. Ensure your hands are clean every time you touch the tattooed area.
    3. Wash your tattoo with soap and warm water until all the dry blood is removed.
    4. Rinse well with clean water and pat dry with clean paper towel or clean towel.


  • Your first night sleeping you may need to put a towel on your bedding under your tattoo.
  • Apply Bepanthen healing cream 4 to 5 times daily during this period, after being tattooed. Do not let your tattoo dry or flake.
  • Keep the tattoo clean. Avoid dust, grease, oil etc.
  • Do not submerge your tattoo in water during this healing period, ie. No swimming, soaking in the bath etc.
  • No sun baking.
  • After your tattoo is healed always apply sunscreen to your tattoo when exposed to sun.